Visit with my 12-year-old self

Thank you to everyone who participated in the cover art reveal. Tracking its progress on Facebook as it was shared and shared again was fun to watch.

Please continue to share the cover and the book trailer on Facebook and other social media as we get ready for the e-book release of Fog of Fortune on October 31st.

Last night I found a copy of an old play manuscript that I wrote in the 7th grade. Medieval Times Adventure.

Reading it brought back memories of Mr. Lee’s English literature class. I think that class influenced my love for writing and marked the begging of my writing fever.  I always enjoyed reading stories but to create them and share them with others was so much better. Whether my obsession is good or bad remains to be determined.

In my mind’s eye, I could see my friend Silla (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and me sitting in the back corner of the class. We thought we were the kings of the world. We would talk and plot out our stories. I remember that as one of my first positive collaborative experiences too.

I decided to take a break from what I was working on and started playing with the old manuscript. Playing became working and working became converting the play into a short story.

As I worked on the first few pages, I began remembering thoughts and feelings I had had, frozen in time, when I originally wrote the play. I remembered character decisions and plot structures that were important to my twelve-year-old mind. The recall was amazing.

Evaluating each line was like having a conversation with my twelve-year-old self. Together we added, subtracted, fixed some spelling and grammar issues and polished the story. What emerged might actually be the beginning to a new series or something I could possible work into some of my other projects. Who knows what might be on the horizon. You never know what you will stumble across that will offer inspiration.

Until next time.

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