The Debate

I want to touch on a subject that tugs at the 052heart-strings. I don’t usually tackle such important topics but today it is pressing on my mind.

Christmas Music in November? Where does everyone stand? I love to slip in a Christmas song or two during the month of November. I think by design, we spend November being thankful and December being generous. Why not start the spirit of the season early with a few carols? I realize that you can only listen to the Christmas Song and Jingle Bell Rock so many times. But there is a lot of Christmas music out there that the radio and or Pandora can play.


One thought on “The Debate”

  1. I think November is a great time to start listening to Christmas music! I used to not want to listen to it until at least after Thanksgiving, but I have since changed my mind. When I listen to Christmas music, it makes me nostalgic for my childhood. I remember certain Christmas songs for different reasons and events. Whenever I hear “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”, there are two distinct visions of my past that come to mind. The first is me sitting in front of the fireplace with a crackling fire going, while playing monopoly and laughing with my family. The other is playing in the snow with my brother Tony and Sister Jenn up in Mammoth in the Sierra Nevadas during Winter Break. Almost all of my memories that are recalled through Christmas music have to do with family. I guess that’s why I don’t think November is too early to listen to Christmas music.

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