St. Patrick’s Loss 2

irish-152049_1280At the base of his Golgotha, Patty looked left and right. He was at a crossroads and must choose where to do now, without Aideen. He stopped in his tracks, bent over and picked up a tiny green clover at his feet. One, two, three, four. It had four green leaves! What luck, he thought in spite of himself.

Just then he heard her voice. Patty looked up to see Aideen running at him from straight ahead. Her wild red hair streamed behind her and her cheeks ran wet with tears.

“It’s over! The curse is over!” She yelled as she closed the distance between them. Patty felt the warmth of a green summer’s day return to his chilled bones as he ran to his love. They crashed in a mash of arms and kisses.

“Oh, my dear. I thought you had abandoned me,” said Patty.

Aideen pulled away from his embrace. Her eyes shimmered softly in the moonlight. “I did.”

“Excuse, me?” asked Patty. He cleaned his ear with a finger. “Did you say, ‘you did’?”

“Yes,” said Aideen. “I was preparing to come to the green hill today when it hit me, ‘until the day that ye find the meaning of true love and manifest it.’”

“I don’t understand, lassie.”

“If I loved you, if I truly loved you, I had to let you go. I could not come. Then you would be free of the curse. I would lose you forever, but you would be free. I did not come yesterday.”

Patty shook his head in unbelief, his tiny green hat tumbled to the ground. “But how did you know that you would be able to come today then?”

“I didn’t.”

The couple embraced in a knowing hug.

Just then a burst of light shot across the sky. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet arched over their heads and landed in the pot atop the green hill. A soft golden light bubbled up from within the black object that Patty had abandoned on the green hill.

Patty and Aideen walked away hand in hand. They didn’t bother collecting the gold at the end of the rainbow.

They had all the treasure they would ever need. Better someone else find it.

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