Its Cold out Side

I just posted this fun little flash story at:

There will be fun winter tales posted there all day. Go to the page and like the stories that you enjoy the most! (Hopefully mine) This is my first attempt at anything like this.  Enjoy!

It’s cold outside—again. The temperature has stubbornly hovered in the single digits for weeks. You would think that with everyone staying indoors, all snuggled up next to the fire and no one scurrying about outside the world would be peaceful. Right?

No one told that to the Zombies.

The apocalypse shocked us all, but in my hometown, it was short lived, like their attention span. Those who were infected took to the streets by the thousands to feed.

We all know that it’s hard to kill the undead. But man, it is easy to watch them freeze.

My front yard is littered with ’em; like a hundred garden gnomes from Hell. We watched in horror, through my picture window, as they ran at us. Then something changed. They began to jog and then walk. As they neared the house, they robotically came to a stop, all frozen in place where the cold finally got to their undead joints and stopped them in their tracks.

It reminded me of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz who could not move once he ran out of oil. But their eyes—their eyes continued to roll and blink with blind malice for hours before becoming still. Not one of them must have thought to put on a jacket before they took to the streets to feed.

We were preparing to leave, to save our lives, but the same weather has pinned us down too. It’s gonna to be an interesting Spring.  zombiesnowblogsize

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