About the Authors

MICHAEL GLASSFORD writes petitions by day and adventure stories by night. He majored in English at B.Y.U. before obtaining his J.D. from Washburn Law. For the last ten years he has practiced law in Missouri and now in Utah.

During that time, Michael has continued to write. His exciting debut Y.A. adventure novel, Fog of Fortune, was published in 2014.

Michael is hard at work on book two in the Silversword Chronicles, Quick Silver, which is due to be released as early as the summer of 2015.

He also has another project in the works,Uncommon, the story of a medieval princess and her commoner friend as they fight to save their kingdom from invasion.

Michael currently serves as the Vice President of the United Authors Association.


Fog of Fortune (Paperback)
– Fog of Fortune Part One (e-Book)
– Fog of Fortune Part Two (e-Book)
Quick Silver – Draft stage
Uncommon – Draft stage

Y.A. | Middle Grade| Adventure | Fantasy | Flash Fiction


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