About the Authors

MICHAEL S. GLASSFORD writes life plans by day and adventure stories by night. He majored in English at B.Y.U. before obtaining his J.D. from Washburn Law. His law firm, Legal Ink, PLLC, writes life plans covering estate, business, and family.

Michael’s debut novel is Y.A. pirate adventure, “Fog of Fortune.” It was published in 2014 after winning the League of Utah Writer’s Best Young Adult Manuscript 2014.

His next book is a narrative legal self-help book titled, “You Failed At Marriage, Don’t Fail At Divorce.”

Michael is currently working on book two in the Silversword Chronicles, Quick Silver. He is also working on a Y.A. Fantasy with romantic elements called, “Uncommon.” The Hunger Games meets The Princes Bride in this matriarchal magical world where only women wield magic, bringing balance between the mystic and men.

Michael offers editing and ghostwriting services.


Fog of Fortune (Paperback) – Amazon
– Fog of Fortune Part One (e-Book) – Amazon
– Fog of Fortune Part Two (e-Book) – Amazon
Quick Silver – Draft stage
Uncommon – Draft stage

You Failed At Marriage, Don’t Fail At Divorce – Querying

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