The Stone of Valhalla

I listen to a lot of audio books. The first sign of a successful audio book is the reader. Can you understand him? Does he take deep breaths that take away from the reading? Are his voices believable? Yes, yes and yes.

His voice is easy to listen to and it flows with the text. The story is a fun tale of another world. It is reminiscent of Fablehaven or even a Narnia adventure.  Aaron, Bram and Ro are fun and interesting characters that I found myself cheering for as the story went along. There are a few fun surprises in the story and Brooks keeps a good tension line up as things unfold. There are some intense moments near the end of the story but the author keeps it toned down enough that a child listener would not have too much of a hard time with it. I look forward to playing it for my kids now that I am done.

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