The wait is over!

After eight years of telling it, months of drafting it and a year and a half of editing it, Fog of Fortune is now available on Amazon.

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Halloween Fun 

The Utah Fantasy Authors are having a good old fashion scary competition. Click the link  above to like mine and read the rest. The story with the most likes wins!

The branches jingled like wind chimes in the Fall breeze. Their colored leaves shone brightly, encased in tombs of ice. Decorative spider webs formed oddly shaped tubers in the corners of the neighborhood doors. The unseasonal ice storm left its mark.

Clothed in Halloween’s promise, Jason was ready. He didn’t have to be himself tonight. His mother warned, “Be careful. There are dangerous people out there.”

He didn’t listen.

Alone on the street, children slipped passed him on the ice, their weighty candy bags centering them. He chose less popular houses.

The porch light was off at the first door. He knocked. A woman with a pale face answered. White flakes traced the folds of her skin. The blacked out space around her eyes made her look like a skeleton. She smelled of alcohol. If she wanted to, she could grab him, pull him inside, and no one would know.

He extended his bag.

Plunk, Plunk.

He moved on.

The next house was better illuminated. The man wore flannel pajamas and house shoes, not a costume.

Plunk, Plunk.

He moved on.

At the third door, he waited until a large group of kids finished. The woman was young. Her rosy cheeks and kind smile were real, not made up.

Plunk, Plunk.

Jason dropped the smoking pistol and silencer back into his bag. He skirted past the body and dragged it inside by the shoulders.

He had to hurry.

Unlike the frozen landscape, time would not stand still.

He moved on.

Two days and counting…

This is an exciting week. To have my book finally available to the public is the culmination of a lot of work.

There are two ways to celebrate with me, besides pre-ordering on Amazon.It will download automatically at midnight on Friday.

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Fog of Fortune to be Released on October 31st!

Celebrate the long-awaited release of Fog of Fortune on Amazon Kindle! Between now and Halloween take part by pre-ordering, visiting the web site and subscribing to the blog, or come by in person the day of the event around 7 p.m. to support the book launch! Some participants will win a free e-Book, a gift card or find their name in my next book!

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How does anyone know about a pirate if he takes no prisoners, leaves no witnesses and shows no mercy?

During the Dolphin’s maiden voyage, Captain Silversword attacks. In a moment of weakness, he breaks his own rule and press-gangs Samuel Burke into service aboard the Black Flag. Once armed with the knowledge of the infamous pirate’s only weakness, Sam must face his fear and confront Silversword to save his life, his loved ones and spare the world from the pirate’s tyranny or die trying.

Fog of Fortune is a Young Adult Historical Fiction with a fresh spin on the business of pirating.

Rediscover the thrill of the sea. Experience the lust of pirate treasure. Find the strength to walk away from temptation.


Book Review of Dark Memories by Jeffrey S. Savage

With Halloween coming up we all need some scary book recommendations.

I am not usually a fan of horror stories. However, Dark Memories from Jeffrey S. Savage was pleasantly surprising. While there was not much pleasant in the story, it scored big with me because it never delved into the gross or the ultra nasty.

Savage is a talented writer. He can make even the happiest of places seem eerily creepy. I won’t say any more than that subject.

There were several intense moments in the book but it never jumped over the line. Instead, I was on the edge of my seat wanting to read more and see what happened next. Great suspense and pacing. I look forward to his next one. Check it out by clicking on the picture below.


Dark Memories.



This weekend I attended an independent publishing event. The information was like a flash-flood in a desert. Every ounce is precious but it came so fast and hard that I am not sure how much I retained and how much was lost in the run off. I learned about Scrivener, how to market, how to raise funds, tax structure and more. I will be writing about them in greater detail in the days to come as I process it all. Remember, Fog of Fortune, Book 1 is being released on October 31st. Tic. Tic. Tic.

Until next time.